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Juan Angulo, owner of Azucar Morena, joined us today to show off their restaurant’s delicious food, and he brought along Cachapa with meat and Vegetarian Cachapa.

Azucar Morena is located at the AMP artisan marketplace and food hall located in the 16 Tech Innovation District in downtown Indianapolis. It’s also in the Garage Food Hall.

Cachapa or Arepa de Chócolo is a traditional dish made from maize flour from Venezuelan. Like arepas, they are popular at roadside stands. They can be made like pancakes of fresh corn dough, or wrapped in dry corn leaves and boiled

Azucar Morena is a fast food restaurant located in Indianapolis, Indiana. We made and serve arepas and cachapas, traditional food from Venezuela. We also offer authentic black coffee and natural juices. All our recipes are made with our hearts and homemade taste.

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