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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) —  The stage is set for the final presidential debate on Thursday at 9 p.m. President Donald Trump and Democrat nominee Joe Biden will debate at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

There will be two large plexiglass shields in front of each candidate. To try and prevent a repeat of the chaotic first debate, candidates’ microphones will be turned off during each person’s initial two-minute answer to each topic.

The debate’s topics are fighting COVID-19, American families, race in America, climate change, national security and leadership. Each topic will get 15 minutes for opening statements and discussions.

The debate could help undecided voters choose which way to go. Therefore, News 8 hit the streets to talk to voters in Indianapolis and find out what is on their minds ahead of the debate.

While most voters already knew who they are voting for, most planned to watch the debate and want to see some changes, more civility and truthful answers.

“I hope to see a lot more organization than the last debate,” said Emma Pippen, a first-time voter.

“I am hoping to see a civilized debate. I think it is very intelligent that they are blocking the microphone,” said John Schlechte, he and his wife Connie are longtime voters. “If they each would have a fair chance to state their position, that is what people who are undecided need and deserve,” said Connie.

“I am hoping this time that there is less arguing, it’s more or less just answering questions that are asked,” said Emma Ryan, who registered to vote after being encouraged to do so through social media.

“I am hoping to see some good conversation and nice plans laid out. A focus on policy,” said Doug Benedict, who already decided who he is voting for.

“More than anything, I would like to see a civil exchange of what the candidate’s ideas are. What their policies are going to be. What they are looking to accomplish for our country,” said Karyn O’Donnell, who took advantage of early voting in Indianapolis.

Decided, or not, voters in Indiana said they hope to actually hear what the candidates have to say on Thursday. Most people on both sides of the aisle liked the idea of the muted microphone, but some said they don’t think two minutes is enough time for the candidates to speak about their policies. Other people said watching the debate at this point, is simply for entertainment and while they are eager to see it, their minds are already made.

“I’m decided right now. I am going to vote for Joe Biden for president,” said Joe Sochacki.

When asked if she is decided yet, Michele Kestle said “Always. We are Republican, we love Donald Trump.”

“I am deciding on abstaining from voting I guess. Not too confident in either candidate,” said Maxwell Knorr.

News 8 took a poll of more than 400 people on Twitter on Tuesday and Wednesday before the debate. Of the 441 people who answered, 93% said they have already decided who they are voting for. Less than 2% of people who took the poll said they are undecided voters and a little over 5% said they just aren’t voting.