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The 2018 Olympic Games opening ceremony airs Friday night and Team USA is sharing their passion for the epic traditions.

Team USA shared the big news on social media of Erin Hamlin being chosen to lead the pack at the opening ceremony.

Officials said she had now reached the epitome of being an Olympian.

But not everyone is happy about it.

Another 2018 Team USA athlete shared his frustration with the flag carrier selection online.

He said the pick was made “dishonorably” by a simple coin toss.

One hopeful Olympic figure skater shared the most adorable video of herself when she was first learning to skate.

She captioned this moment on Twitter saying the footage was taken 19 years and 1 day ago.

Past Olympians are also joining in on the social media fun to reminisce.

One swimming champ who won gold in Barcelona in 1992 said on Twitter she will be sleeping in her team USA beenie to prepare for the games to kick off.

Even the official Olympics Twitter page is throwing it back to 20 years ago at the opening ceremony in Japan.

You can’t visit a South Korean restaurant without enjoying some type of seafood. 

Most fish can be purchased at popular fish markets found across the country.

The Ocean District in PyeongChang has noticed an increase in the price of fish during the Olympics because of the influx of people visiting.

“It’s not a little bit. It is much,” said Korean resident Hyun.

Seafood is a staple of Korean dining, which is why the fishing industry is booming in the country. Despite the price change, the locals continue to buy.

 “We don’t have any choice,” Hyun said.

Finding seafood in South Korea is easy; cooking it is the hard part.