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Former Seymour chief, current captain arrested for ghost employment

Former police chief, current captain arrested for ghost employment in Seymour, Indiana

SEYMOUR, Ind. (WISH) — The former chief of police and a current captain of the Seymour Police Department have been arrested for ghost employment.

Former Seymour Police Department Chief William Abbott and Captain Carl Lamb have been arrested by Indiana State Police. The investigation began in October.

The pair are accused of working for other organizations while on-duty for the Seymour Police Department.

According to investigators, Abbott scheduled off-duty officers to work security at Schneck Medical Center and performed those duties while also working at the police department.

Lamb is accused of being paid by a security company for duties at the same time he was working for the police department. ISP says he worked for K4 Security, scheduling officers to work for the Jeffersonville-based company.

State police say Lamb also co-owned his own security operation, BSafe Tactical, and worked for that company while also on duty for the police department.

They face preliminary charges of official misconduct, ghost employment and theft.

They’ve been booked into the Jackson County Jail.


Sanders would use ‘wealth tax’ for universal child care, pre-K

WASHINGTON (AP) — Bernie Sanders has joined fellow progressive Elizabeth Warren in proposing that a “wealth tax” can fiance government-funded child care from infancy through age 3 for every American family, then provide universal prekindergarten programs after that.

Fresh off his win in Nevada, the Vermont senator called the nation’s child care and early education “an international embarrassment” while unveiling a plan Monday that he said would fix it. His proposal would provide a minimum of 10 hours of daily child care, even for parents who work non-traditional schedules.

Sanders previously proposed an annual wealth tax starting at 1% on households worth $32 million or more and increasing to 8% on fortunes of at least $10 billion.

That’s more ambitious than Warren’s signature wealth tax, which kicks in on fortunes worth $50-plus million and would also fund universal child care.

Warren, a Massachusetts senator, and other presidential hopefuls have similarly proposed universal child care and pre-kindergarten. Sanders says the federal government will impose quality standards for his prekindergarten program, including minimum child-to-adult ratios and minimum wages for workers.