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INDOT project wreaks havoc on revenue for Noblesville businesses

INDOT project causing economic headache for businesses

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Businesses in downtown Noblesville are taking it on the chin financially because of the Indiana Department of Transportation’s State Road 32 project.

Shops on Conner Street, aka State Road 32, tells I-Team 8 they’re very excited about the long-term outcome of the road work, but they said the construction is wreaking havoc on their revenue.

“Definitely a solid half,” Kari Clouse, owner of Karisma Boutique, said. “There’s days where you hardly see anybody down here.”

She’s not the only business owner feeling the pinch.

The owner of The Annex by Thistle and Thyme said this phase of the project has taken away 60% of their business because their main entrance is closed.

INDOT tells I-Team 8 that crews are working as fast as possible to get the road back to normal.

“We’re looking really good,” INDOT spokesperson Kyleigh Cramer said. “Crossing fingers. We would love to be out of there, too, just as much as they could love us to be out of there. We want to get the road as soon as possible back to the way people and folks want it to be. We’re looking on schedule right now; hopefully, ahead of schedule.”

The project is in Phase 2 at the moment.

Phase 3 of the project is from June to July from Sixth Street to Ninth Street. The fourth and final phase will last from 30 to 45 days after Phase 3 is complete.

“This will be a nice little changeup,” Clouse said. “I can’t change anything, so I guess this is just growing pains and for the better.”

“I mean, you can’t get angry about it by any means. So, in the outcome, it’ll be great.”

The Noblesville city government had tried to ease the financial burden on businesses with Hard Hat Resiliency Grants: $33,500 will be split into increments of $1,000, $750, and $500 for businesses that qualify.

“It is generous that they’re doing it,” Clouse said. “It could be nothing, but this impact is pretty big down here.”

The city government says it’s going to be announcing the winners of the Hard Hat Resiliency Grants soon for all of the businesses that are impacted by the construction.