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Noblesville’s 5-12 grades equipped with iPads

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – As students head back to school, fifth-graders in Noblesville will be adapting to classroom time with iPads.

It’s all part of the 1:1 initiative in Noblesville and it’s a trend seen across central Indiana this year.

Noblesville leaders say every student in grades five through 12 will now have their own iPad. There’s a $70 rental fee for students in fifth through eighth grades and an $80 rental fee for high school students.

District leaders say the expectation is that the iPads will be used in all subjects and courses.

And Noblesville students are not alone. Greenfield-Central High School students will receive MacBook Air devices this year. And just last week, 24-Hour News 8 featured Avon’s STEP-UP program. Several grade levels are receiving HP Stream laptops as part of the program.

The tech trend is not expected to slow down soon. In 2014, venture funding for education technology reached $1.87 billion. It’s expected to hit $2 billion this year, according to a research firm that tracks education funding.