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Try an ELECTRIC CAR without making a long-term commitment

Are you a car person? Do you like trying new things?

Mike Barg, Head of Strategy and Business Development at Motor, tells us about Motor Drive– a monthly full-service electric car subscription!

About Motor Drive:

Motor Drive provides people a flexible, low-risk way to try electric cars without making a long-term commitment.

This subscription service focuses entirely on high-range electric cars, offering tiered subscription options (starting at $649/month) that feature top-of-the-line models to provide the best possible experience for drivers and make it simpler for people to start driving electric.

Current available models include Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Bolt, Tesla Model 3, Tesla X, and Audi e-Tron.

It’s an affordable option, at a reasonable monthly fee, wherein the drivers will receive a car, along with the insurance and routine maintenance covered, and a concierge team to address any questions that come up.

Our mission is rooted in an interest to accelerate a cleaner energy future through decarbonizing transportation with the adoption of electric cars on a broader spectrum.

To learn more, visit:

Facebook: @MotorEVIndy

Instagram: @motor_ev

Twitter: @Motor_EVapp