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Vectren customers upset over inflated bill

COLUMBUS, Ind. (WISH) – Vectren customers are dealing with a mistake by the company. Some neighbors in Columbus received bills three times the normal amount. Vectren admits the mistake is theirs but for one family that big bill really hurts.

Myriam Burton has four kids and doesn’t have the time or the money to worry about an unexpected expense. Her March gas bill was $1,199.68. That’s three times her average bill and she wasn’t the only one.

Some customers say Vectren said it was the fault of a disgruntled employee, who has since been fired. A source close to the company said two employees refused to read meters during the winter so they estimated the bills based on previous months. According to that source those numbers were lower than the actual cost and when Vectren noticed the problem they put the difference in the March bill.

“It’s like we’re barely scrapping by just enough to do it and then when something like this happens, it feels like we’re buried. It feels like it’s overwhelming,” Burton said.

Neighbors say they’ve set up a payment plan with Vectren and plan to pay what they owe, but when money’s tight and budgets are strict an unexpected expense really hurts.

“I just don’t think it’s fair at all. That’s their mistake and we’re going to pay for it. Even though we used that usage, this is a big burden,” said Burton.

If you’ve noticed your bill is incorrect Vectren says to call 1-800-227-1376.

Vectren said they are sending apology letters to possibly impacted customers and plan to meet with customers to apologize on May 7 at Columbus City Hall.