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Baseball Dads #39 – Dodgers win the World Series

December 23, 2020
The Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series in 2020, their first since 1988. Yes, it was a short and insane season, with expanded playoffs and all kinds of strange...

Baseball Dads #38 – Part Two with Jack Ferrick –

September 03, 2020
“When you’re done learning, you’re done coaching.”That’s Jack Ferrick’s philosophy. So i'm very glad to resume this conversation with Jack Ferrick from --- here's a guy who is not...

Baseball Dads #37 – Part One with Jack Ferrick –

June 30, 2020
Jack Ferrick ( is an outstanding coach and instructor for all aspects of youth baseball. Former NCAA D-1 player, current HS coach and Associate Scout for the Milwaukee Brewers. Jack...

Baseball Dads #36 – Quarantine Edition

May 19, 2020
How am I filling the baseball-shaped hole in my life? Plus some of my favorite announcer calls and a tribute to Bob Watson. Come on! Let the kids play

Baseball Dads #35 – Fishers-HSE Youth Baseball interviews

March 12, 2020
My conversations with Todd Fandrei and John Hoffman, from the FHSEYBB league. We talk about what motivates them to volunteer and what they wish all parents knew about youth baseball....

Baseball Dads #34 – Rob Barber

February 07, 2020
Rob Barber is the Exec Dir of The BASE Indianapolis ( an organization that transforms the lives of urban youth by providing quality athletics (baseball), education, and life skills, helping...

Baseball Dads #33 -HSE Coach Jeremy Sassanella

September 16, 2019
How does it feel to win a state championship in your first year as Head Coach? What do you do for an encore? HSE Royals Coach Jeremy Sassanella talks with...

BASEBALL DADS #32 – Ray & Theo Kramer

June 06, 2019
What's it like to coach your own kid? What's it like to play for your own dad? Ray and Theo Kramer talk about their team, the 2018 USSSA Indiana state...

Baseball Dads #31 – FHS Coach Matt Cherry

May 16, 2019
Coach Cherry from Fishers HS talks about the 2019 season, and what it means to play "The Tiger Way". Also - info about the Tiger Baseball Summer Camp program.

Baseball Dads #30 – MLB Predictions with Anthony Acquisto + Movie Poll Results

April 04, 2019
Joined by my son, Anthony (age 15), we offer our fearless predictions for the 2019 MLB season and post-season. PLUS - we reveal the results of our Facebook poll "What's...

Baseball Dads #29 – replay Coach Cherry 2018 interview

March 26, 2019
This interview was recorded in Spring 2018. Fishers High School went on to win the state title that same season, led by Coach Matt Cherry. In our conversation, Coach Cherry...

BASEBALL DADS #28 – Tyler Musial – Part 2

January 19, 2019
Does Tony Danza belong in the Hall of Fame? What exactly is "The Cardinal Way"? What's the deal with that batting stance? More with Tyler Musial, great grandson of Stan...

Baseball Dads #27 – Tyler Musial (part 1)

November 12, 2018
Stan the Man. #6. MLB Hall of Famer. "Baseball's Perfect Knight". But to Tyler Musial, he was just "Poppo". Tyler and I discuss what it was like to grow up...

BASEBALL DADS #26 – Anthony Acquisto, 2018 MLB Playoff Predictions

October 02, 2018
Playoff time! My son and I break down the matchups and make our bold predictions for the 2018 MLB post-season.

BASEBALL DADS #25 – BONUS mini episode – Joe from Ripken talks about coaching

August 28, 2018
Mini-episode, brief comments from Joe Mulinaro about coaching.

Baseball Dads #24 – Joe @ Ripken

August 15, 2018
As National Sales Manager for Ripken Baseball, Joe Mulinaro is a Baseball Dad living a baseball dream. How did he get there? And what exactly is "The Ripken Way"? Find...

Baseball Dads #23 – Donny Murray

June 07, 2018
Donny Murray is a professional baseball player, following his dream of making it to the majors. He has some great advice for young players and their parents, as well as...

Baseball Dads #22 – Fishers High School Coach Matt Cherry

April 17, 2018
Matt Cherry, Head Baseball Coach at Fishers High School, talks about defending their Hoosier Crossroads Conference title ... how he approaches his role as coach ... and how there's more...

Baseball Dads #21 – Shane and Owen Trowbridge

March 25, 2018
Interview with Baseball Dad Shane Trowbridge and his son Owen, age 7. We cover important topics like fielding and hitting, ballpark snacks and what to do when a MLB player...

Baseball Dads #20 – MLB Awards w/Anthony Acquisto

November 15, 2017
Part Two of my conversation with Anthony Acquisto, my 14 year-old son. We discuss the MLB awards - who should win MVP, Cy Young, Rookies and Managers of the Year.

Baseball Dads #19 – Anthony Acquisto

November 09, 2017
My son Anthony Acquisto and I look back at the 2017 MLB season.

Baseball Dads #18 – Jason Taulman. His name is practically synonymous with youth baseball teaching and instruction in Central Indiana.

August 21, 2017
His name is practically synonymous with youth baseball teaching and instruction in Central Indiana. Jason Taulman has some great advice for young players and for their parents, about how to...

BASEBALL DADS #17 – Coach, instructor and former pro baseball player Jim Reboulet with advice for parents, the importance of base running an

July 05, 2017
Coach, instructor and former pro baseball player Jim Reboulet with advice for parents, the importance of base running and how it feels to turn a double play with Ozzie Smith.

Baseball Dads #16 – Jim Reboulet talks about his college experience, the lost art of the stolen base …

June 12, 2017
Jim Reboulet, Baseball Dad, talks about his college experience, and the lost art of the stolen base ...

Baseball Dads #15 – White Sox game at Guaranteed Rate Field, Chicago IL

April 24, 2017
My family visitied the Southside of Chicago in April 2017 ... to take in an afternoon game at Guaranteed Rate Field. The hometown White Sox hosted the Minnesota Twins.  Sox won 6-2.WP...

Baseball Dads #14 – Ken Miller is a former player, coach, umpire, lifelong Cubs fan and Baseball Dad. He’s also my father-in-law.

December 31, 2016
If there was a Hall of Fame for Baseball Dads, my father-in-law, Ken Miller, would be voted in on the first ballott. He had done it all - from player...

Baseball Dads #13 – Part 1 – interview with Tyler Donovan – former catcher and coach, Winthrop University – November 29, 2016

November 29, 2016
Tyler Donovan was just another kid playing youth baseball and loving life in upstate NY. Then he discovered the position of catcher. Then he worked his butt off. Then he became...

Baseball Dads #12 – Interview with Shawn Targgart, Coach, Baseball Dad to Brody and Nash – September 14, 2016

September 15, 2016
Shawn Targgart loves baseball, and he's always been pretty good at it, having played 4 years of D-1 ball with The University of Illinois-Champaign. Now Shawn is a travel baseball...

BASEBALL DADS #11 – August, 2016 – Greg Morlen, Indy Sharks 13u Coach, Baseball Dad.

August 02, 2016
Greg Morlen, Head Coach of the Indy Sharks (13u), shares his thoughts on coaching youth baseball. 

Baseball Dads #10 – June 2016. My friend Craig Spinner shares memories of his first MLB game

June 09, 2016
Special Edition - from the archives. My good friend and Baseball Dad Craig Spinner remembers his first MLB game, and also shares the story of his son's first MLB game,...

Baseball Dads #9 – May 2016 Interview with Ryan and David Ledbetter, twin bros from Fishers IN, currently playing in the Texas Rangers organ

May 08, 2016
These guys have a great perspective on the game, and on life. They developed Side-by-Side (SBS) Baseball as an organization to encourage and guide young players, both physically and spiritually. More...

Baseball Dads #8 – February 2016 (Inside youth baseball evaluations, 3rd-4th grade)

February 28, 2016
Spring is coming and that means it's time for baseball! Evaluations are under way for Fishers-HSE Youth Baseball. We visited with three Baseball Dads, inside the evals process. Thanks to...

Baseball Dads #7 – January 2016 (Part TWO of my interview with Joseph Acquisto, My Nephew, Baseball Dad)

February 05, 2016
More on club baseball, MLB players, even Pete Rose

Baseball Dads #6 – January 2016 (Part ONE of my interview with Joseph Acquisto, My Nephew, Baseball Dad)

January 24, 2016
Joseph played club baseball at University of Kentucky. What was that like? Now he's a young father. How will he present baseball to his son Jack?