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All Indiana Bets: February 12, 2023 (The Big Game)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – For self-proclaimed degenerate gamblers like Jason Hammer and Scott Long, today is the best day of the year!

The Big Game is finally here, and All Indiana Bets has you covered with a full betting preview of Sunday’s showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles.

From game picks, to player props, to who is going to win the coin toss, to who is going to call the first timeout, and more – Hammer and Scott have over a dozen ways you can make money on the Big Game.

Plus, we look ahead to next season and make predictions on who is going to win the 2024 championship.


-Over 51
-Live Bet Pick of the Year (live bet whichever team falls behind early)
-Mahomes to throw an interception (-117)
-Chiefs first timeout (-155)
-Either team to miss an extra point (+300)


-Over 51
-Chiefs +1.5
-Goedert anytime TD (+175)
-Coin toss: tails (-101)
-Either team to win a challenge (+130)