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On The Rocks: Two summer cocktails with Evan Williams Peach

Autumn Willsey, bartender at Slippery Noodle Inn, joined us on All Indiana Bets to tell us about two great summer cocktails, and they both happen to use Evan Williams Peach! Global Whiskey Ambassador Bernie Lubbers and Regional Sales Manager for Heaven Hill Brands Brent Holverson joined in to tell us more.

The first cocktail is an Evan Williams Peach Tea, which is simply two ounces of Evan Williams Peach topped with sweet or unsweet tea. Autumn garnished this drink with a lemon!

Evan Williams is the number two selling bourbon in the world, and Evan Williams Peach has an added peach flavor to the classic bourbon.

The second drink Autumn made is a Vegas Bomb, which uses two ounces of Evan Williams Peach and RedBull. This drink gives energy and a buzz.

You can learn more about Evan Williams Peach here.