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A cold start today with sunshine this afternoon

Temperatures this morning all near freezing and with the winds most feeling like the lower 20s! Some sunshine for later on today with highs running 10° below normal. Winds eventually die down during the afternoon so it won’t feel nearly as cold as this morning. Tonight we’ll stay quiet and dry with lows near freezing again.

Ending off the week on a dry note but changes do arrive during the morning. Winds will be the story for the day, starting off breezy then really picking up as the cold front approaches the area. Sustained winds during the day will be out the south at 15-20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. We also start the day off with mostly sunny skies then clouds quickly thicken. A few scattered showers are possible ahead of the front with more widespread showers overnight.

Saturday highs hit during the very early morning hours of Saturday then fall throughout the day. Showers widespread during the morning with a few of the showers on the stronger side. As temperatures fall during the day some of the rain showers could transition to flurries during the afternoon with day time highs expected to fall into the 40s. Quick mover though, the showers and flurries will end during the evening and then quickly clear out. Temperatures overnight will plummet to the 20s.

Sunday looking sunny but COLD! Highs in the 30s.