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Breaking stereotypes: Franklin Central High School women’s wrestling program shines

Franklin Central finds success in women’s wrestling program

In the world of Indiana high school sports, women’s wrestling is on the rise, but one program is truly making a name for itself.

Franklin Central High School’s women’s wrestling team, now in its second season, has already sent three talented athletes to the state championships.

This year, the team remains undefeated and is set to make waves in the state championships once again.

What sets them apart? It’s their exceptional coach, Gretchen Krammes, whose background in dance might seem unconventional, but she has seamlessly transitioned into the world of wrestling.

Coach Krammes and her dedicated athletes shared their journey towards success. Guests in the studio included Gretchen Krammes, Kevin Moore, Jenna Thompson, and Dayauna Myers.

Don’t miss out on this remarkable story of determination and achievement.