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Hammer and Nigel: Netflix to discontinue DVD delivery service in Sept. 2023

Hammer and Nigel, the popular radio hosts of WIBC, have been passionately discussing some recent news that has shocked and saddened many movie enthusiasts. The streaming giant, Netflix, has announced that it will be discontinuing its DVD delivery service as of September 2023. This comes as no surprise, as streaming subscribers now outnumber those who still receive actual DVDs by a staggering ratio of 200-to-1.

For those who have been longtime Netflix DVD subscribers, this announcement is surely bittersweet. The DVD delivery service has been a staple of Netflix since the company’s inception, and many people have fond memories of eagerly waiting for their next movie or TV show to arrive in the mail. For others, the DVD service was a more practical choice, as they may have limited internet access or simply preferred physical media.

However, the move to discontinue the DVD delivery service is not entirely unexpected. In recent years, streaming has become the dominant way that people consume their media. Netflix, in particular, has invested heavily in its streaming service, producing award-winning original content that has garnered critical acclaim and a massive audience. It’s clear that the company’s focus is on the future, and that future is streaming.

In other news, Hammer and Nigel have also been discussing the “Jim Irsay $1 Million Schedule Challenge,” which is currently running until April 30th. The challenge, which is being held by WISH-TV, invites fans to predict the Colts’ 2023 schedule for a chance to win $1 million dollars. Participants must correctly guess the date and time of all 17 regular season games, as well as the team’s bye week.

For many Colts fans, this challenge is a fun way to engage with the team and potentially win some money. It’s also a reminder that the 2023 NFL season is just around the corner, and that fans are eagerly anticipating the team’s schedule release.

Hammer and Nigel’s discussion of these two topics highlights the diversity of their show’s content. From discussing the latest news in the world of streaming to breaking down a local sports challenge, they keep their listeners informed and entertained. It’s clear that Hammer and Nigel have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in Indianapolis and beyond, and that they’re passionate about sharing that knowledge with their audience.