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Quentin Tarantino bows out final project; Jason Kelce loses Super Bowl ring—Is this Anything?

Is this Anything? Quentin Tarantino; Jason Kelce

Today on WIBC’s “Is This Anything,” Hammer and Nigel discuss two intriguing stories. First up, Quentin Tarantino has cancelled his plans for what was supposed to be his final film as a director, “The Movie Critic.” Originally, the film was set to follow a small-time movie critic in 1977 who writes for a porn magazine, with Brad Pitt reportedly cast in the leading role. Variety has confirmed that Tarantino will no longer be moving forward with the project.

In another interesting turn of events, retired Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce reported losing his 2018 Super Bowl ring. The loss occurred during a live fan event at the University of Cincinnati, which featured various activities, including a challenge where participants searched through a pool of chili for ring replicas. Unfortunately, Kelce’s actual ring was also in the mix and is now believed to be in a landfill, as efforts with a metal detector proved fruitless. Kelce has since filed an insurance claim.

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