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SNL alum Rachel Dratch to face world’s smelliest sock, talks laundry tips, latest film projects

Not to sound like Debbie downers, but this time of year parents are faced with endless loads of laundry that accompany team practices, games and school days.

Fortunately, Saturday Night Live alum and comedy legend Rachel Dratch joined us Monday on “All Indiana” with some insights on cleanliness of her own from being a mom.

Dratch is partnering with Lysol to launch the #LysolLaundryChallenge, challenging viewers to sanitize their stinky loads.

Scientists came together to create the “World’s Stinkiest Sock” using a synthetic formula that represents the worst foot stink, inspired by live, odor-causing bacteria and Draft will be there to experience it for herself.

Monday Dratch also discussed her current and upcoming projects as well as how she is spending her time these days, both on and off screen.