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BOOM! ANIMATION: Indiana’s rising star in the animation industry


Boom! Animation, an animation studio based in Indiana, is making waves in the entertainment industry. J

osh Bullock and Matt White, Boom co-founded them! Animation Playwatch Inc. has quickly gained recognition for its impressive work with major clients like the NFL, Netflix, Blizzard, Enthusiast Gaming, and even Snoop Dogg.

The studio is set to release an exciting new pilot featuring Whoopi Goldberg, premiering at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival from June 6-15.

Created in 2020, Boom! Animation is an Indiana-based animation studio with two main divisions: Boom! Animation, which handles various projects and properties, and Playwatch, responsible for distribution and licensing.

They offer various services, including commercials, educational videos, motion graphics, animated shorts, pilots, and full animated seasons.

Boom! Animation aims to build strong grassroots connections within Indiana and encourages non-profits, advertising agencies, and businesses of all sizes to explore potential collaborations.

For more information and to view their work, visit their YouTube channel @playwatchkids.

Boom! Animation is proud to be a part of Indiana’s vibrant creative community and looks forward to continuing to make an impact both locally and globally.