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Boone County man combines passion for science, coffee to make Mad Scientist Coffee

LEBANON, Ind. (WISH) – Leonard Winneroski is planning to retire Aug. 4 after being a research scientist at Lilly for 34 years but he is not exactly done working.

What started as a side hustle has turned into a passion, with Winneroski combining his passion for science, coffee and God to make Mad Scientist Coffee.

Winneroski’s family friend, Cheri Goodwin, who owns Cedar Tree Kitchen, is selling cups of Mad Science Coffee all week in Lebanon. The shop is at 320 E. Main St., about three blocks east of the Boone County Courthouse.

Winneroski told Goodwin that he wanted to make a coffee that did not have a lot of additives. Instead, he wanted to make a simple brew with beans, prior to roasting, that would ultimately make the coffee go down smoother.

On every packet that is sold, buyers will see the verses Roman 1:20: “For ever since the world was created, people have seen the Earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities — his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for for not knowing Go.”

Winneroski says it’s the main message he wants to send home with every one of his customers.

Winneroski emphasized the importance of using his brand to help spread the Word of God, saying, “Just praying that I can continue to honor the Lord in all this and that people love the coffee and that it opens more and more doors to share the reason for the hope that I have over exceptional coffee.”

“This isn’t about selling coffee, its about building a platform,” Winneroski said.

Mad Scientist Coffee will be sold at Cedar Kitchen in Lebanon this week, and customers can buy from the website, too.