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Father catches man fondling child in Greenwood Little League bathroom

A patrol vehicle for the Greenwood Police Department. (WISH Photo)

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) — A father told police his child was fondled inside a Greenwood Little League bathroom, according to a police report acquired by News 8.

On Sunday, an officer with the Greenwood Police Department was dispatched to the Greenwood Little League fields.

Upon arrival, the officer spoke to the father of a young boy.

The father said his son had asked to go to the restroom after an inning in a baseball game. The young boy went to the restroom, according to police.

Soon after, the father went to the restroom. As he entered the men’s restroom, he “observed an older male assisting a young boy using the urinal,” the report said.

The father did not realize the young boy with the man was his son.

According to police, the father went to a locked stall and called for his son, who shakily answered. The father then realized it was his son standing in front of the man at the urinal.

The child’s father told the man to stop what he was doing. The man responded by saying, “he was just helping,” the report said.

The father said he saw both of the man’s hands on the child’s penis.

The child and father left the restroom, and the father tried to look out for the man. He saw the man leave the restroom and walk “nonchalantly” toward the concessions stand.

Officers searched the area of the Greenwood Little League fields, but did not find the man.

The incident is still under investigation.

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