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Cuisinart recalling 8 million food processors after reports of blades found in food

(WISH) – Cuisinart is recalling around 8 million food processors over reports of people finding blades in their food.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said 30 people have reported the blades cutting the inside of their mouths or breaking their teeth.

The company said the recall affects 22 different models, which include:

  • CFP-9
  • CFP-11
  • DFP-7
  • DFP-11
  • DFP-14
  • DLC-5
  • DLC-7
  • DLC-8
  • DLC-10
  • DLC-XP
  • DLC-2007
  • DLC-2009
  • DLC-2011
  • DLC-2014
  • DLC-3011
  • DLC-3014
  • EV-7
  • EV-10
  • EV-11
  • EV-14
  • KFP-7
  • MP-14

Cuisinart said besides looking for the serial number to tell if your product is on the list, you can also look at the blades. If your blades have four rivets holding it in place, it is likely on the recall list.

Consumers are asked to immediately stop using the food processors’ riveted blade and contact Cuisinart for a free replacement blade.

To contact customer service toll-free call 877-339-2534, or you can go to www.cuisinart.comrecall and click on Product Recalls at the bottom of the page for more information on the voluntary recall.