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E-commerce company adding 3,000 seasonal workers

(photo courtesy of Radial)

BROWNSBURG, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) — Pennsylvania-based Radial Inc. is planning to hire thousands of seasonal workers at its fulfillment center in Brownsburg. The e-commerce technology and operations company, which opened the facility last year, says the 3,000 entry-level jobs will support what it calls unprecedented e-commerce demand ahead of the holiday season. Radial cites consumer research which shows 66% of shoppers plan to increase their online purchases during the holidays.

Melissa Anneler, site director for the Brownsburg facility, tells Inside INdiana Business the pandemic has led to increased demand and a change in how the facility operates.

“I think we saw what would be equivalent to peak volumes in April and May and because the holiday season is typically when our retail clients are already facing high levels, we’re expecting a big increase even for what we’ve seen in the past,” said Anneler.

Anneler calls the pandemic’s affect on the company’s operations a unique situation.

“Unlike a lot of businesses, the fulfillment jobs can’t be done from home. So we’ve really had to revamp a lot of our operations to keep employees safe and really change the way that we recruit, we onboard, we train and really re-layout all of our work areas to make sure that we’re keeping everyone save,” said Anneler. “And we’ve really had to scale our operations at the same time to meet the increase demand that we’re seeing of online sales.”

The workers selected for the seasonal jobs will be responsible for processing online orders, which includes picking, sorting, packing and shipping.

Anneler says the company is hiring now as it receives the influx of products that will eventually be shipped out. She adds some of the workers could have the opportunity to transition to full-time work.

“We would anticipate continuing to hire through mid-to-late December,” said Anneler. “We still have a lot of full-time openings to full and so that need marries really well with the displaced workers that are out there that have maybe suffered employment losses due to COVID. So there’s a lot of transferable skills from other industries that will make an easy transition into the fulfillment world.”

You can learn more about the seasonal job openings by clicking here.