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Fishers police arrest gang members after car break-in at school

(WISH Photo)

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — Fishers Police report they’ve apprehended four members of the Felony Lane Gang.

Officers say the suspects were caught breaking into cars and trying to use stolen checks.

This particular gang is from Florida, but Fishers police say they operate all across the Midwest, including here in Indiana.

Vincent Slaughter, Givseppe Hudson, Kendrick Daise and a minor are in custody.

The capture of four of the gang members all began with a car break-in at a Fishers school on June 22.

Fishers police arrived at the Goddard School parking lot to help a woman whose car had been broken into According to court documents, contents of her purse, including her wallet, had been taken.

But surveillance video showed police the license plate of the suspects’ vehicle and officers were able to track down four members of the Felony Lane Gang.

“Fraud on a financial institution is the lead charge in the case. It has to do with passing stolen checks at various banks around Hamilton County,” Hamilton County Supervising Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Amy Summerfield said.

Before police arrested the suspects, they followed them to different banks where the men allegedly tried to cash checks stolen from the purse at the Goddard School and from other vehicles.

Police say that’s the exact pattern of this gang, and how it got its name.

“The third lane of a bank is known as the felony lane because it’s commonly used by criminals to hide their identity to the tellers,” Amy Summerfield said.

According to court documents, the four face several felony counts of fraud and check fraud, along with theft.

And this is an ongoing investigation, so more charges could be filed.

“We have not received any additional paperwork, but we did receive information from the Fishers Police Department that they are continuing to work with other banks in and around the area to determine if there’s any more victims or any other checks or identities that were used,” she said.

Fishers Police caution everyone to not leave valuables like purses in plain sight in parked cars.

They say that if we all made it difficult for these criminals to find things to steal, they would be less likely to hang around Indy.

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