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Former New Mexico Miss Teen USA speaks out on allegations against Trump

NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The former New Mexico Miss Teen USA is talking about Donald Trump visiting the contestant’s dressing room.

“I had all my clothes on. It was just someone coming in to say hello to us and wish us good luck. I didn’t even think twice about it,” Former NM Miss Teen USA Victoria Hughes said in a phone interview with WISH-TV’s sister stations KRQE.

Five other teen beauty queens have come forward telling “Buzzfeed News” teens were changing their clothes back in 1997 when Trump walked in.

One saying, they rushed to cover up and found it creepy.

But, Victoria Hughes,the contestant from Las Cruces, says what she saw was innocent.

“A lot of people have wondered why I’m saying he’s innocent when I’m not voting for him,” said Hughes. “Well, I wouldn’t want people to say false things about me. As a business owner. Maybe he did things, maybe he didn’t. But I personally didn’t see anything that night.”

Trump is denying he did anything wrong and denying the new claims that he touched women inappropriately.