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Health expert: Allergy season could be more severe this year

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The start of spring can, for some, also mean the start of allergy season.

Bryce Wylde, the author of several health and wellness books, joined Daybreak on Friday to give a preview of what allergy sufferers can expect.

“A lot of experts out there that are about global warming are saying this year is gonna be one of the worst ever,” Wylde said. “We’re expecting allergy season to start about six weeks earlier than normal. That means right now.”

Wylde says another reason for such a severe allergy season is something he calls the “hyper hygiene hypothesis”.

“The idea is, because we haven’t experienced as many colds and flus as we normally would throughout the pandemic — due to a lot of hygiene, a lot of mask wearing, a lot of distancing — our immune systems are dis-regulated,” Wylde said. “For the allergy sufferer, that may mean a lot more active symptoms.”

According to Wylde, the immune system is like a muscle and because it hasn’t been exposed to the typical level of colds and flu over the last couple of years, it creates an effect like a teeter-totter.

“Part one has been lazy and part two is overactive. If you’re an allergy sufferer, that’s not good news.”

Wylde suggests people use a Neti pot to help with their allergy symptoms.

“When we are exposed to pollen throughout the day, it gets lodged up in our nose and sinuses,” Wylde said. “So, some simple salt and water when you get home. through each side of the nostrils to drain those pollens out, is a very effective method.”