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Homeless man found living in underground tunnel he dug himself

CLOVIS, N.M. (KRQE) – A homeless New Mexico man is living in a tunnel he made himself right near a public park, and the city where he has dug this intricate home in the ground can’t do anything about it.

“Dig yourself a house underground and you always have a home. I think it’s sweet,” said Rosey Burge, Clovis resident.

Eight feet underground is where Sean Heron lives. He decided to get some peace and quiet by living where the sun doesn’t shine.

Heron didn’t want to be on camera, but says he’s been homeless for a year. It wasn’t until recently that his hideout was discovered by someone who posted a tour on Facebook.

The underground tunnel has drawers, closets, a bed and more. All of this is just behind Beacham Field in Clovis, a recreational baseball field.

The news has many people wondering how long he’s been living there.

“He could live under our houses and we wouldn’t know either. Wow,” said Cathy Joiner, Clovis resident.

Joiner lives across the street from the underground fortress, and when she found out he was living there, she says the word “shocked” was an understatement.

“Kids be out here, you know? This is a park, Beachem Field. They play baseball, all kinds of kids be in the park, toddlers,” Joiner said. “What if he attacks? Or what if he decides to come across the street to my house?”

WISH-TV’s sister station KRQE asked the city how they’re responding to the issue, but officials say they’re not. Their hands are tied because the tunnel is on private property.

KRQE also reached out to the property owner, but received no call back. However, police say the owners have been notified.

Police are warning people to stay away from the tunnel because it’s not properly ventilated and it may not be sturdy.

The homeless man who lives there was just arrested on a failure to appear charge in an Allsup’s trespassing case, but he was let out and is now back in his underground bunker.