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Beech Grove dedicates Indiana’s 104th Safe Haven Baby Box

Beech Grove dedicates 104th Safe Haven Box

BEECH GROVE, Ind. (WISH) — Beech Grove dedicated a new Safe Haven Baby Box Friday, making it the 104th in the state.

City leaders hope this provides a safe option for new parents who can’t care for a newborn.

The City of Beech Grove is home to the nation’s 161st Safe Haven Baby Box. Indiana is leading the country, as 104 baby boxs’ are here in the state.

“How could you not want to save babies? How could you not want to put this in and help,” said Stephanie Bramlett, Safe Haven Baby Box advocate.

She knows what it’s like to be a young struggling parent. It’s part of the passion that pushed her to ask the city to bring another box to town.

“As a teen mom, a young mom. I needed something like this, and I didn’t have it,” Bramlett said.

She planned to spearhead fundraising efforts to get it done, but in a surprise twist, the city council opted to pay for it, putting America Rescue Plan Act funds to work.

Prior to leaving the city council, Bobby Ferguson helped move the plan forward.

“This baby box gives an opportunity where a struggling parent or other young or old can anonymously give the baby up. And we can make sure that their baby is cared for and given every opportunity to succeed,” said Ferguson, former city councilor.

Nationally, estimates show every 10 days, a baby is surrendered to a baby box. Since they’ve been installed in Indiana, 24 babies have been surrendered. Advocates hope these boxes help lower infant mortality rates by giving parents a safe option for surrender.

“If you’re struggling and you don’t think you can manage, consider coming to one of these boxes. Know that your child will be cared for,” Ferguson said.