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Indy’s east side to gain sustainable community with designer homes

(Rendering provided by NEON Architecture)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Beville Greens was created as a sustainability project to introduce a community of six environmentally friendly homes nestled in a shared green space.

The development is touted as standing as an embodiment of affordable, eco-conscious living and a model between modern design and nature.

Each of the homes boasts three bedrooms and two bathrooms, spanning approximately 1100 square feet. Included are finished basements and a shared community storage unit, designed to ensure that practicality and convenience were at the forefront of the initiative.

The homes were designed to be compact, high-performance spaces that prioritize energy efficiency. Key architectural features include exterior insulation from metal cladding, efficient tilt and turn windows, attic insulation rated R50, and exterior sun shades.

Lighting designed to be efficient, and built-in features were put in place to further enhance the residences’ functionality. For instance: built-in storage units in the basement, a living-room media center space, and an open concept kitchen with a pull-away dining table that fits up to five.

Communal areas and a central gathering space, with a shared fire pit, could create opportunities for social engagement. The community’s native plant pollinator garden and an orchard complete with berry bushes and persimmon trees also can be used for social engagement.

(Images provided by NEON Architecture)

Every one of the six homes in the development enjoys a view of the central green space that will be upkept by a “very minimal” homeowners’ association.

The Beville Greens project was conceptualized in early 2019 after overcoming permitting and rezoning challenges. Construction began 18 months ago on two parcels, each vacant for over two decades. The development started with one home on each parcel, and both are available for purchase.

The construction should be mostly completed by the second showing on Oct. 22. Phase 2 has been set to break ground in the spring, with the remaining four homes expected to reach completion by the end of fall 2024.

Neon Architecture Principal Brian Burtch says he views the “passion project” as a pioneering model for future sustainable developments, setting the bar for conscientious community living.

According to real estate company Redfin, the median sale price for single-family homes in neighboring Arsenal Heights hovers above $388,750. The homes at Beville Greens are listed by @Properties for $300,000 each.