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John Gregg pushes career training, bashes Holcomb

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – John Gregg is pushing an education agenda that calls for more career training. The Democrat in the race for governor is also calling on Republican Eric Holcomb to produce a plan of his own and he won’t have to wait long.

Democrats have been hammering Holcomb for a failure to post any policy positions on his website. That changes Tuesday when Holcomb will announce an economic development plan. An education plan will soon follow.

John Gregg toured the J. Everett Light Career Center Monday to get a first hand look at the Washington Township program that trains high school students from 12 school corporations for all sorts of careers.

“We need auto body repair people like we see here in this facility,” he said. “We need entry level computer people like we see here in this facility. This is what it’s about.”

He was joined by state School Superintendent Glenda Ritz who gave her endorsement of vocational training.

“Those who actually get into career exploration, even if they take only the introductory course,” she said, “there’s a 95 percent graduation rate of those students.”

But the education talk was tinged with politics. Gregg pointed out how Statehouse Republicans have blocked the Ritz agenda.

“Rather than working against the Superintendent of Public Instruction,” he said. “I’m going to work with her.”

And he took a shot at Republican Eric Holcomb. “He’s got no plan,” he said.

It’s a line that Gregg can only use for a few more days. But the education issue will remain front and center till Election day and beyond.

Next week the candidates for governor will meet in their first debate and it will be focused on education. Keep in mind that more than half of the state budget goes to education funding.