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Downtown restaurants hoping for a boost in business as fans return to Lucas Oil Stadium

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — While a limited number of fans will have the chance to watch the Colts play in person Sunday, some restaurants in downtown Indianapolis are hoping it’s enough to help boost their bottom line.

Steve Geisler, owner of Tavern On South located at the corner of Missouri and South streets, says he questioned whether or not he should bother opening at all.

“Is 2,500 fans going to affect me? Probably not,” said Geisler.

But the restaurant owner also says he made the decision to open in part because of curiosity.

“I really don’t know what to expect. We will be taking reservations which we normally never have to do on a Colts day, but because of the restrictions on dining, we want people to feel comfortable,” added Geisler.

In addition to serving up game day food, Tavern On South typically sells their parking spots to fans heading to the game.

“Being the closest restaurant to Lucas Oil, we can sell up to 45 spots for the whole season. This year I think 4 people picked that up,” Geisler said.

While Tavern On South will be open Sunday, other popular restaurants around the stadium are closed. Pullman’s Restaurant & Bar says they’re staying closed today until seating caps are lifted.

As for Geisler, he says while he’s not expecting a big rush, 2,500 fans is better than no fans at all.

“I’m anxious to see what’s going to happen, but I’m OK with taking this one step at a time,” said Geisler.