Google Trekker puts Noblesville parks on the map

NOBLESVILLE, Ind (WISH) – A high-tech backpack is making its way through Noblesville, which city officials hope will put it on the map.

Noblesville parks and recreation employees are busy getting ready for the spring season. It’s a time when many families enjoy one of the four city owned parks.

But soon there will be a way to get a glimpse of each park, without ever leaving your home. It will be with the help of a backpack.

“I think it’s really kind of cool,” Noblesville resident Alicia Jones said. “It doesn’t look like it weighs too much, maybe 25, 30 pounds.”

“It looks, it stands out, definitely,” Noblesville resident Amber Colewell said. “It looks cool though.”

It isn’t an ordinary backpack city employees have been given. There are a number of cameras that sit atop, taking 3-D images of all the parks, which will soon be used in Google Maps.

It’s called the Google Trekker and Noblesville employees put it to the test Tuesday.

All week, they’ll be walking the city’s parks, and capturing images of everything in them. This will give anybody the ability to go online, and see realistic images.

“You’ll be able to see the way it looks, instead of just seeing it on paper, just the grass and the laid out on paper, you’ll be able to see what it actually looks like, and the space and everything,” Colewell said.

“It’s a great way, opportunity just to showcase what we have here in Noblesville, Indiana,” Jones said. “It’s just a great place, a friendly place.”

To follow the device as it travels through the Hoosier State, just use, #indianagoogletrekker, on social media sites. If you’re interested in bringing the device to your area, click here.