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Indianapolis Animal Care Services taking daily calls for abandoned dogs

IACS dealing with abandoned dogs

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS) is getting daily calls to come and pick up abandoned dogs that were dumped in yards, streets, and alleys.

There have been some reports of dogs being dumped on private property, but IACS Public Information Officer Roxie Randall said finding dogs in fenced-in yards is not a frequent occurrence.

“I would say it’s more frequently that people find them roaming around alleys or down the street or something like that as opposed to being confined into a stranger’s yard,” said Randall.

Randall said it can be dangerous to have a dog dumped in your yard when it is unclear if that dog is aggressive.

“It is definitely very scary to have a dog appear in your yard, especially if you own dogs yourself,” Randall said. “If you don’t own dogs, it can be just as surprising for there to be this new dog in your yard that you don’t know and you don’t know how they are going to react.”

Abandoned dogs are also at high risk for injury roaming the streets alone.

“A dog that’s been dumped, they can potentially wander into traffic and be hit by a car,” Randall said. “They can get into fights with other dogs or even other animals like wildlife in the area, or resident dogs if they’ve been dumped inside of somebody’s fence.”

Randall said it is difficult to know why so many dogs are being abandoned in Indianapolis, but help is available.

“For anyone out there that feels like they are getting close to that decision, know that there are community resources to help you either hold onto your pets or hold onto them until they can be taken into a shelter or a rescue,” said Randall.

Anyone in need of help can find it at the Indy Cares program or FIDO, Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside.

IACS continues to be at emergency intake status due to staffing shortages and a lack of kennel space.
The website said all surrendered pets will be at high risk for euthanasia.