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Indianapolis Moms: Having a favorite child

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — This week’s Indianapolis Moms discusses a sensitive topic, having a favorite child.

Indianapolis Moms Contributor, Roleen Deemings, stopped by Daybreak to speak on what it means to have a “password kid” and provide tips for parents to not feel guilty about having a favorite.

“It’s essentially the kid that, you know, their name is for all of your business accounts, all of your, you know logins for entertainment like Netflix and stuff like that,” Deemings said.

Some parents say they openly have a favorite, some reject the idea altogether, and others have favorites that change.

“You have to acknowledge it. If you have a favorite, acknowledge it in your mind. Don’t feel guilty about it. Definitely address the situation if a kid says, I think so and so is my favorite,” Deeminng said. “You can say no, you know, we just have common interests right now, validate their feelings in that way and set aside some time specifically for each child.”

To find out more, watch the interview above or visit the Indianapolis Moms website.