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‘Keepers of Culture’ to unveil new mural to kick off ‘BUTTER: Fine Art Fair’

Indiana Ave. legacy revived through new mural

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indy is gearing up to celebrate heritage, culture, and artistic expression. The unveiling of the “Keepers of Culture” mural will kick off the commencement of the annual “BUTTER: Fine Art Fair.”

An 18-by-75-foot public art installation is home to the east-facing wall of The Amp in 16 Tech Innovation District. The mural intends to pay homage to the history of Indiana Avenue and to celebrate the legacy of the Black community.

Details about the mural are limited, with the artwork being presented as a surprise to the public. The new “Keepers of Culture” mural is a product commissioned by GANGGANG, a local entity that fosters cultural initiatives. The artistic vision behind the project has been realized by Kevin West, a visual artist based in Indianapolis.

Organizers say the mural seeks to bridge historical continuity with future aspirations. One aspect of the piece includes a subtle homage to the legacy of Madam CJ Walker, an entrepreneur and philanthropist who remains an iconic figure within Indianapolis’ history.

Deonna Craig, the Director of the “BUTTER” fine art fair, underscores the mural’s significance in offering a visual narrative that transcends periods, capturing the essence of Indiana Avenue’s various eras.

The ceremonial unveiling is set for 1 p.m. on Wednesday, an event that will serve as the jump start to the “BUTTER” fine art fair. Attendees can expect there to be a live DJ performance and guest speakers.