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Mom and daughter upset after violent bullying incident

Mom and daughter upset after violent bullying incident

CARMEL, Ind. (WISH) — A Carmel mom wants more security, after her daughter recently came home from school with a concussion.

Aryanna Robinson is in sixth grade and said Carmel Middle School does not have a bullying problem, but she wants to feel safe at school and on the bus after a recent incident at dismissal left her injured.

Some things
just make sense. For Aryanna, it’s math.

“I like
numbers a lot and I like solving problems,” she said. “It’s just fun.”

She is working through a different problem, after an incident at the end of January. Ayranna said an eighth grade boy hit her violin case into her legs, and when she went outside to get on the bus, things escalated.

“When he pushed me off the curb into the street and I kicked him and he grabbed my leg,” she said. “That’s when I was like, ‘OK I feel like something’s wrong.’”

She said that is when a second boy came up to her, and the two of them called her a swear word. Then a third boy came up and put what she thinks was a phone charging chord around her neck.

“I was like ‘I just need to get out of his arms and run and tell the teacher,’ if I could, but I couldn’t,” Aryanna said. “And that’s when he threw me up like you picking up someone and throwing them in the swimming pool, and I landed (on) my head and then back and then my right elbow and then left elbow.”

She said a teacher ran outside and called a boy’s name, but then just let them all get on the bus.

The next day, Aryanna’s mom, Camalla Ash, took Aryanna to the doctor and discovered she had suffered a concussion.

Ash wonders
why the kids were unsupervised outside in the first place.

“Y’all didn’t do y’all job to protect our children,” said Ash. “And the teacher who saw whatever he saw, and he claimed he only saw her get off the ground, why did he not go on the bus and ask what happened? If you see a child (in) distress why would you just drop it and send them on their way?”

The Clay Carmel School District won’t tell Ash if they disciplined the students or teacher. They sent I-Team 8 the following statement:

As a school district, we are required by law to protect student confidentiality, so we cannot go into detail regarding this situation. We are aware of the posts on social media. We continue to work with the families involved while also focusing on providing a safe learning environment for all students.

Courtney Taylor, spokesperson

The school also said that since the incident, students who are waiting for late-arriving buses now wait in classrooms with supervisors.

School police
closed the case for a lack of evidence.