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Renovated family center reopens in Indianapolis park

The renovated Frederick Douglass Park Family Center on May 23, 2024, opened its doors to the public in Indianapolis. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Frederick Douglass Park Family Center, newly renovated as part of the Circle City Forward project, Thursday opened its doors to the public

The park, the latest addition to the Indy Parks system, boasts a range of additions, including a new playground, an indoor track, and two basketball courts.

Originally established in 1921, the park’s revival marks a milestone in the city’s efforts to revitalize its recreational spaces. The $45 million Circle City Forward initiative, aimed at enhancing Indy Parks facilities, facilitated the transformation of the once-segregated park into a symbol of unity and progress.

“Once a segregated park in its founding, today it has been transformed into a beacon of hope and unity for our city,” said Ron Gibson, a member of the Indianapolis City-County Council, said in a news release. “This park is not just a recreational space. It symbolizes our collective progress and commitment to create a vision for more equitable neighborhoods.”

Of the $45 million investment, $20 million was allocated specifically to Frederick Douglass Park.

The park is on East 25th Street a few blocks east of Dr. Andrew J. Brown Avenue.