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Man says he ran toward El Paso gunfire, carried lost children to safety

Glendon Oakley describes how he ushered children to safety during the El Paso Walmart massacre. (KTSM)

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM, WIAT) — A man who identified himself as a member of the military says he rushed toward the gunfire at an El Paso Walmart Saturday to usher lost children to safety.

Glendon Oakley told KTSM he was shopping at a Foot Locker near the scene when gunshots erupted. He says he readied his legally permitted gun, and headed toward the scene, where he saw unattended children running around and crying. He tried to carry as many as he could away from the scene, he says.

“I was just so worried about those kids, man,” Oakley said. “I was just trying to pick up those kids, man. I wasn’t really worried about myself…I just hope those kids are all right. That’s all I’m thinking about, is the kids.” 

At least 20 people died and dozens were injured in the mass shooting next to the Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, Texas Governor Greg Abbott confirmed. A 21-year-old suspect from Allen, Texas was taken into custody.