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Mayoral candidate looks to improve education in Indy

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A mayoral candidate laid out his vision for how to improve education in Indianapolis.

Republican Chuck Brewer calls his four-part plan “Envision Indy.”

Brewer says it’s a blueprint on how to move Indianapolis forward in the areas of education, economic development, public safety, and livability.

His plan for education includes expanding the office of innovation, expanding the number of kids that can enroll in pre-K and collaborating with the business community. He said his first priority is Indianapolis Public Schools.

“I’m focused on the district that shares our brand name, Indianapolis. When people focus on where they want to live or if they want to live in Indianapolis, generally the first school system they Google is IPS.  I believe that we can focus on coordination and collaboration to help them. They’re doing great work, but there’s more that we can do,” said Brewer

Brewer made his announcement at the IPS/Butler University Labratory School 60.

Brewer said he has already had productive meetings with the superintendent of IPS and the superintendents of some other districts too.