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Mobile home park residents blindsided by mass eviction notice

Mobile home park residents blindsided by mass eviction notice

Travis Robinson | News 8 at 6

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Residents of I-70 Mobile Home Park are being told by the owners of the property they have 60 days to pack up and leave their homes.

They say they were blindsided by the news.

Wednesday, neighbors found a letter in their mailbox stating they have to leave by October 15 because the owners of the park couldn’t afford repairs.

“Maaan, I think it’s bull**** the way they doing it,” park resident Robert Ford said.

In the letter, the park said it is shutting down because it needs a new sewer system that would cost $100,000 — which the owners don’t have. The letter says the owners have spent thousands of dollars already on repairs over the years.

“They’ve known about this for several years,” park resident Jay Morehead said. “Yet they’re only giving us a 60-day notice.”

Residents say more time is needed for them to figure out logistics. Many of the trailers date back to the 60s and 70s and the residents have documentation saying they can’t be moved.

“And even if I could move it, there’s no place I can move it,” park resident Mick Wotowic said. “And it costs a grand or two grand to get it moved and I don’t even have that on disability and SSI.”

Many residents say they’ve paid their rent for the property months, or even a year in advance. Now they’re wondering what happens to their money.

“All this is going on and people are really upset that have leases that are saying ‘how can they break this lease? This is a legal document.’” Morehead said. “Even though this might be legal, it sure isn’t right.”

Residents say the park requires them to own or rent-to-own their trailers. Some people moved in as recently as a couple months ago.

“If you have a home here and they sold it to you, now they say ‘I’m going to sell you this’ and then two months later, they tell you ‘you’ve got to move in two months,’” Morehead said. “That kind of seems fraudulent to me.”

The Marion County Health Department says this has nothing to do with any enforcement or policies about maintaining the sewer system and is purely the owner’s decision. While Jackie Hurt is listed as the owner of the park, residents are unsure who is actually in charge.

News 8 reached out to a list of numbers trying to get in touch with the owners, and were told by one person that the owners are not interested in commenting.

“There’s no way that we can find a place in 2 months even if we tried,” Ford said. “They need answers. At least the landlords should be able to reimburse a lot of people, because they already paid their rent. I know that. Or help them move. That’s all I got to say.”

Residents say they are being given the next two months rent-free, so that will help cover some of the costs of moving, but they’d appreciate a little more assistance and transparency from the owners.