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Moed returns to Statehouse after sexting scandal, won’t resign

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — State Representative Justin Moed returned to the Statehouse Monday for the first time since he became the subject of a sexting scandal.

Not everyone welcomed him.

Some of Rep. Moed’s fellow Democrats in the Indiana House of Representatives didn’t want to see him come back and they staged a small protest of sorts when he did.

Others were supportive and reached out to demonstrate that support to Moed within public view on the House floor.

Moed took his seat in the House chamber for the afternoon session and cast several votes.

Four fellow Democrats, knowing that news photographers were focused on him, stayed off the floor to avoid being connected to this story.

One of them said he can’t believe that Moed showed up.

When asked if that gives him some idea of what kind of challenge he faces, Moed said, “Well, over the past week I’ve been very encouraged by all of the calls and emails from colleagues on both sides of the aisle encouraging me to come back and to get back to work.”

When asked if he intends to run again, he said, “That’s a conversation for a long time from now.”

Moed did say that he hasn’t considered resignation and that no party leader has suggested it.

When asked directly about sexting with porn star Sydney Leathers and why he did it, he said that he can’t answer that question.

He called it a big lapse in personal judgement.