Monday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Jane King is in with the latest business headlines.

Angie’s List

IAC says its purchase of Indianapolis-based Angie’s List is going better than expected.

Angie’s List is still a separate brand and its Angie’s List that’s generating a lot more service requests than initially expected,according to Rob Sanderson, managing director of MKM Partners.

The faster growth should translate into an even bigger presence in Indianapolis, where the company already has more than 1,000 employees.

Prime Day

Fuel prices are way up over last year so Amazon Prime Deals will be more expensive to ship.

The price spike will be a test for the e-commerce giant on how or if it passes down costs to consumers.

Diesel fuel, used in trucks, is about 45 percent more expensive this Prime Day than last year’s.


Cheese prices are crumbling.

Traders predict more of the same for the rest of 2018.

A pick up in the global cheese market likely depends on how trade disputes are worked out with other countries.


Uber drivers are now subject to “continuous” background checks.

The company says it will look for criminal charges.

Previously, Uber would just do a criminal background check when a driver was hired.