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Patient Safety Center celebrates 10 years of service

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – It is Patient Safety Awareness week and the Indiana Hospital Association is educating Hoosiers about safe health practices.

According to the release, there are 11 regional patient safety coalitions throughout the state. The coalitions work with hospitals and health care partners to educate them on health care safety.

These coalitions are advised by the Indiana Patient Safety Center. The Center is celebrating 10 years of service.

“Our hospitals may compete on a wide range of services from pricing to patient satisfaction. But when it comes to patient safety, Indiana hospitals don’t compete with one another- we collaborate,” said Doug Leonard, president of IHA. “By sharing best practices, addressing regional needs and working together on quality improvements, we can empower our patients and their communities to own their health and help hospitals achieve this critical goal.”

During Patient Safety Awareness week, the association is focusing on several areas:

  • Safe antibiotic usage
  • Safe infant sleep practices
  • Prevention of falls
  • Knowing your meds
  • Opioid awareness
  • Reducing hospital readmissions
  • Sepsis recognition

“When we as health care professionals figure out what works and share those clinical successes, we move closer to achieving our collective goal of zero-patient harms,” said Carolyn Konfirst, RN, MS, Dr.PH., clinical director of the Indiana Patient Safety Center. “It’s up to us to engage others and create a culture of patient-centered care to make Indiana the safest place to receive health care in the nation.”

Patient safety initiatives not only keep Hoosiers safe, but contribute to reducing the overall cost of care.

“While we are extremely proud of the progress achieved by Indiana hospitals, there is still work to be done,” said Karin Kennedy, MS, administrative director of the Indiana Patient Safety Center. “IHA is committed to providing resources to help hospitals provide better care and engage patients, and Patient Safety Awareness Week represents a tremendous opportunity to continue working toward our goal.”