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Speaker Bosma to challenge Pence over tax hikes

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Speaker Brian Bosma says that tax hikes included in a road funding bill would pass the Indiana House of Representatives if a vote was taken today.

Bosma is willing to challenge the governor’s call for no new taxes.

Bosma even left the door open Thursday to a possible veto override.

The Speaker is passionate about a desire to create a long term funding mechanism for roads in Indiana.

In the State of the State Address the governor said the last place to look for road money should be Hoosier pocketbooks.

Bosma disagrees. “Transportation needs for the Crossroads of America needs to trump a no tax, no tax philosophy,” he said.

“No one runs for the legislature to raise taxes, at least none of my members do,” he went on to say.

A House committee will vote on the plan next week before it heads to the full House a week later.

“The more we talk about the impact of this investment in the Crossroads of America,” said Bosma, “the more comfortable they are getting.”

Higher fuel economy standards and lower gas prices mean that the state collects less tax money than it used to.

That’s also why House Republicans are calling for a study of potential tolls on I-65 and I-70.

It’s part of the bill that includes the tax hikes.