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Squirrel! Furry fiend caught on camera by police

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (MEDIA GENERAL) – The University of Illinois Police Department had a little fun when it caught a furry intruder inside its building.

They posted a Facebook message after catching the critter red-handed inside the police department.

They wrote the building is very secure.

“Only authorized personnel are granted access. That being said, we had a security breach today when a detective walked out a back door and a squirrel walked in ‘like he owned the place,’ according to the witness.”

The squirrel wasn’t easy to catch, sneaking past officers for “some time” before being caught “rifling through computer equipment and sensitive documents. He escaped through a door that had been left open specifically for him and ran off without being caught.”

“We’re still investigating as to whether said squirrel obtained any sensitive information that he intends to take back to his squirrel associates. We are releasing this video footage with hope that the squirrel can be identified.”