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Woman who recorded Wal-Mart brawl video speaks out

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The woman who shot the now-viral video of a fight inside the Beech Grove Walmart is speaking out.

April Hurley says there’s a good reason she did not try to break up the fight.

“You know, what I wanted to say was.. you know, sometimes the crowd might pull out video and record because they’re not able to get in and intervene,” she explained. “In my case, I had just had surgery and I have incisions on my stomach that I didn’t want to bust so I’m not gonna get involved. Let alone, if I was to get involved and tried to split ’em up and one of them throws a punch at me, next thing you know I’m punchin’ somebody then we’re all goin’ to jail.”

A woman who says she was one of the fighters spoke to the Smiley Morning show on WZPL radio Tuesday.

She says the woman seen in the motorized chair shouted racial comments to an African-American worker, and that’s why she confronted her.

Police say the investigation is continuing.

No charges have been filed.