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Indy entrepreneur reflects on importance of Black History Month, how it illuminates minorities leading high-tech ventures of tomorrow

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DeliverEnd CEO Nick Turner is constantly on the go.

As DeliverEnd was again expanding their office space to accommodate a large influx of new employees, he made sure to take a few minutes to reflect on just how far he had come in building one of the highest-profile start-ups Indiana has seen to date.

DeliverEnd is expanding its local Marketplace and Last-Mile delivery services outside of Indiana as it launches the first wave of cities in March to Boston, Charlotte and Raleigh/Durham. Twenty additional markets will follow throughout the remainder of 2021.

To simply say that the pace of growth has increased would be an understatement.

As a son of a single mother of six children, Nick, and his siblings had to learn to work together from a very early age. Being Black in an industrial, midwestern city is a challenge that many
families are unable to overcome. These challenges are precisely why it is so important to Nick to prove that Black-owned startups can thrive in the Midwest.

The opportunity to sit down with Nick revealed a lot about his motivations, passion for helping the community, and strengths as a leader. Below is a transcription from that interview:

Is it important to you to set an example for young Black men and women?

Nick: We don’t have too many role models from people that look like us and if you come from the inner city, a lot of the role models that the younger kids see are people that are drug dealers and people that aren’t doing the right thing. So, I’m really hoping to have a big impact on the younger generations.

You can come from nothing and still build something great. There’s different ways to execute things and it all comes from just helping others. What advice would you give your younger self?

Nick: I was a double major in Telecommunications in Psychology and I learned patience while I was in college at Indiana University. I wish I’d learned patience a little bit earlier. But if you master your patience, you control every single outcome like your reaction, your thoughts, your conversations. Everything is centered around patience.

Who are some of your heroes and why?

Nick: My granddad was an entrepreneur, he was Pastor, is a family man. He respected others. He took care of the community. He said “Never say you can’t” and that’s why I have it tattooed right here (on his arm). Never say you can’t do something because you’re building your own ceiling and you should never restrict yourself from being able to execute and grow.

What do you envision 2021 to look like for DeliverEnd?

Nick: Growth, expansion, and just a lot of execution. We have some phenomenal opportunities ahead of us and I want to make sure that everyone works together collectively as a team to execute.