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Flowers become works of art at Les Belles Fleurs CIRQUE

The Indianapolis Museum of Art and The Indianapolis Garden Club, in collaboration with the IMA Horticultural Society present “Les Belles Fleurs CIRQUE”, April 25 – 26 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The event’s circus theme, designed by Toomie Farris, president of McNamara Florist, will amaze and delight visitors.  The show is open to the public on April 25th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and April 26th from noon to 5 p.m. and will be located in the museum’s Deer Zink Pavilion. Admission is free with paid admission to the IMA.

Displays will focus on flowers and nature, and will compete for awards in several divisions, including floral design, photography, horticulture and conservation.

An “over the (big) top” conservation exhibit will feature a green roof – a popular design trend. Eco-friendly rooftop gardens make private and public buildings inviting and environmentally friendly. They dramatically slow storm water run-off, cut heating and cooling costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They also filter pollutants, generate oxygen and create habitats for birds and insects. “Over the Top!” will illustrate the basic anatomy of the green roof in action, and the green roof in Indianapolis.

On April 25th, guest speaker Debra Prinzing will present her “Slow Flowers” movement. Debra, a Seattle and Los Angeles-based writer, lecturer and outdoor living expert specializes in interiors, architecture and landscapes. Debra is the author of seven books, including “Slow Flowers: Four Seasons of Locally Grown Bouquets from the Garden,

Meadow and Farm.” Debra will also offer a flower-arranging workshop in the afternoon. Register by calling the IMA ticket line at (317) 955-2339. Registration is limited.

The show’s chairwoman is Amy Cooke. The honorary chairman is Mr. Richard D. Wood, former Eli Lilly President and CEO.

Events during “Les Belles Fleurs CIRQUE” are sponsored by Mark Holeman, Inc. and the Cooke Financial Group. The purpose of a flower show is to set standards for artistic and horticultural excellence. It is also meant to broaden the knowledge of horticulture, floral design, conservation, photography and other related areas. And shows are a great way to share the beauty of nature with fellow club members and the public.


he mission of the Indianapolis Garden Club is to expand the knowledge and love of gardening through flower shows, meetings, conferences, correspondence and publications. The club works to restore, improve and protect the quality of the environment through educational programs and action in the fields of conservation and civic improvements.TIPS FROM THE GARDEN CLUB:

To help preserve your cut flowers, be sure you start with a clean vase. Try dropping in a denture cleaning table to a vase full of water. Your vase will come out sparkling clean.

Pull of any access foliage that would be under the water. These tend to rot and ruin your water.

Be sure to cut off the tips of the stems under water. This prevents air bubbles from entering the stem.

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