How to select a contractor/designer/remodeler for your next home project

How to select a contractor/designer/remodeler for your next home project

Looking to remodel your kitchen? Your dining room? Bathroom, maybe?

Well, before you do, Designer Erin Aguiar, Refine Kitchens Baths & Floors, shares a few tips on HOW to select a contractor/designer/remodeler for your next project!

  1. Create a budget! Make a list of all the things you want to do/scope of work and try to create a budget.  Be prepared to share your budget!  A lot of people want to keep that a secret because they think whomever they are trying to work with is maybe going to want to spend it all!  That is not the case!  We need an accurate idea of what you have and want to spend in order to direct you properly.
  2. Talk to friends, family, neighbors—anyone that you would trust to refer to someone they have used, trusted, or have heard good things about.  Check out trade publications.  (See our ad in Absolute Living)
  3. Understand that this will be an emotional process.  This is your home, the place you love and live in and it is going to go through a period of looking rough and being uncomfortable to live in.  Make sure your contractor/designer understands that as well.  It will definitely make for more open and honest conversation.
  4. Expectations! Talk, and ask as many questions as you can think of!  This will ensure the best end result! Your contractor should do the same!  You are both interviewing each other.
  5. If you are comfortable with only getting one estimate that is great!  If not do everything you can to ensure all the parties quoting your project understand you are getting multiple estimates so they can try to put them together in a way that will get you as close to an  “apples to apples” comparison as they can.  Also understand it cannot ever be 100% “apples to apples” because a large part of this business and process is service based and you may pay a little more for great vs. good service.  Time is money so if you don’t need full service then be upfront with whomever you are considering.
  6. THIS SHOULD BE FUN!  Despite the roller coaster of emotions and the amount of money you are spending this should be a fun process.  If you have selected the right person for the job they should try to help you achieve that.  At the end of the day you need to “like”, “have a connection with”, or at least enjoy talking to the people you choose to do your project.

Take your time!!! Life moves fast and everyone is in a hurry. In this digital age everyone wants to do things electronically ie: email, text. That is great but you need to really read and discuss your project contract. Understand what is included, payment schedule, costs, expectations or the project won’t start in the right direction.

Constant communication throughout the project!!!

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