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Art & Soul festival marks 25th year at Indianapolis Artsgarden

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Artsgarden has stretched over intersection of West Washington and Illinois streets for more than a quarter of a century.

The glass dome was built with welcoming the arts in mind so it’s only fitting that it be the would be the location for Indy’s 25th annual Art and Soul festival. Indianapolis Artsgarden operations have changed in the coronavirus pandemic and the purpose of the space has stayed its course.

The feeling of this space that opened in September 1995 has a lot to do with the art that comes from it. Shamira Wilson is an artist and used to curves and corners of the wall to create a mural.

“It’s a challenge, but I think of it as a fun challenge. I think of it like putting together a puzzle, and usually when I come into the place I look at the architecture of a space and the surroundings and how people use the space,” she said.

Wilson was the artist entrusted to commemorate a milestone: the 25th anniversary of the Artsgarden construction in 2020. Geometric and abstract work is her thing. It took her roughly 120 hours to complete her project, a mural.

“The theme for this mural was butterflies, which represents transformation, and I really think that speaks to the way art transforms our life in the way the Artsgarden has been used as a space to celebrate the arts in our culture as well.”

While she’s behind this piece of work, Ted Givens is one of the people who helped create the space it’s in. “The purpose was to promote and showcase the arts and culture in Indianapolis,” Givens said.

“I think we’ll see once we get through this phase of the pandemic there is a paint of desire to have performances and to go see performances so hopefully it will help bring people back,” Givens said.

Over the years, countless artists have passed through, and taken the stage or set up their visual art.

Wilson said, “I can speak to myself, in a featured artist in 2019. After that event, I got so much more exposure in my career has really taken off since then,” Wilson said.