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IMS partners with recruiting company for more diverse staff

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is seeking to fill hundreds of positions during race season from IMS safety patrol, maintenance, parking, ushers and other guest service roles around the facility. To offer better service and Hoosier hospitality it is seeking diverse candidates to help keep things running smoothly at the track.

In partnership MJJ Recruiting, an organization that helps companies build diverse teams. MJJ is helping IMS add more diversity to its staffing roster by working with local nonprofits and churches. The organizations register volunteers for paid seasonal work that goes towards fundraising efforts.

MJJ official James Waldon told News 8 the partnership creates a pathway for people in minority communities who have never been exposed to IndyCar and professional racing to join the excitement and rich tradition.

“A lot of people here right in the Haughville area have grown and lived here their entire lives and they hear the cars but never got inside the track to actually experience it. So we are trying to get as many volunteer groups involved and just represent the track in a positive way with more diversity, more culture and a better mix of different people throughout the Indianapolis area,” Waldon said.

He added it encourages visitors who show up to the track, they’ll see a wide range of representation of people in age, sex and ethnicity on staff and hosting the events.

“This year the training session for staff and volunteers was the biggest training session they have ever had and I personally saw more diversity than I have ever seen before at the track. The yellow shirt position is very coveted and people take a lot of pride in it. We just want our minority groups that we reach out to be able to take part in that and take pride in hosting the Indianapolis 500 and other events they are having here during the racing season,” said Waldon.

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