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Expert advice and training from Jeff Cowan on car dealerships and service centers

Jeff Cowan, author of the book titled, “What I’ve Learned From Attending Over 40 Indy 500s,” spoke briefly on BEO on his life story and shared some great advice.

Cowan began attending the Indy 500 when he was twenty. During this time, Cowan worked for a woman named Bev Nelson in the 1980s.

Despite his lack of motivation, Nelson noticed how great Cowan was at sales. However, Nelson began taking Cowan around Indianapolis and showed him the many things he could do, only if he could motivate himself and start collecting a steady income.

Cowan’s eyes opened the first time he attended the Indy 500 when invited alongside the Nelson family.

Cowan was amazed by witnessing the sponsors, CEOs, and drivers interact. While overhearing drivers and their strategies to win the race, Cowan understood this was simply a business. After that, it all clicked for him.

During the race, Cowan was able to have racing radios. He was able to listen to drivers and their teams. Cowan then realized that what the drivers were applying to the race was similar to Cowan’s job in sales. He also noted that the same strategies were identical to how people manage businesses.

After that, each year, Cowan would attend the race to see if he could apply anything he witnessed to his life.

Cowan’s main point from the experience is the importance of having a good last impression. He states that if one learns how to make a great last impression, they’re miles ahead of the competition.

If you’re seeking more business advice from Cowan, visit to purchase his book “What I’ve Learned From Attending Over 40 Indy 500’s.”